Sunday, October 23, 2016

Remember Last Time I Was Here?

If you recall, the last time we got together in this space I apologized for sending you someplace else to read what I had written. I made some sort of vague promise that I might actually give you something new to read here this time, instead of sending you there to read it.

I lied. Sorry!

What can I say? I'm more successful than I imagined. I didn't expect to sell something else to the Boston Herald quite so soon. I did, though, and there you go - literally, if you hit this link.

Or you can stay here and stare at this page.

Or (here's a hint as to the content you'll find over there) you can choose neither of the two options I'm foisting upon you and go for a third option.

(I'd rather you choose to go over there, of course, because I think very highly of myself and I like to kid myself into thinking you think almost as much of me as I do of myself.)

No matter what you do, I thank you for making more effort to come here than I obviously have in trying to keep you here.

Soon, with more better stuff.